Your translated text can be sent to you as hard copy, on diskette, via modem or via email as requested.
The price is calculated according to the number of lines. For this the target language is used.

Length of line: 55 characters.
Incomplete lines with fewer than 55 characters are charged proportionately.

Price per line

Simple texts (with no specialist terms)
EUR 1.00 - 1.25

Texts of medium difficulty (including some specialist terms)
EUR 1.25 - 1.50

Difficult texts (with a high incidence of specialist terms and demanding specialist subject knowledge)
From EUR 1.50


EUR 5.00


Hourly fee

For proof reading and other services we have an hourly fee of EUR 36.00.

The minimum fee is EUR 10.00.

For urgent commissions or commissions which are made considerably more difficult as a result of exceptional circumstances we reserve the right to charge a supplement.

Quotes are made free of charge on submission. The final calculation of fees is based on the completed translation.

We can make special provision for reductions in the case of substantial orders or orders made on a regular basis. Postage and other expenses are included in the final bill.

The prices shown are net excluding VAT.